Concerns raised on Comcare claim handling

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작성자 Myles Climpson
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A report has raised concerns with the handling of independent medical examinations by the federal workers' compensation body.
An investigation by the Commonwealth Ombudsman was set up after allegations Comcare was "doctor shopping" to find medical experts with track records of writing reports that could lead to cancelled claims.
It was also alleged claimants were required to attend medical exams with practitioners who did not have the right qualifications.
In its report, the ombudsman said Comcare was not well-placed to provide assurances the decisions from independent medical exams were suitable.
"In our view, Comcare cannot quickly and easily provide assurance that its decision-making is appropriate in practice," the report said.
"Comcare is unable to quickly retrieve, analyse and report information about its use of medical examinations."
The report laid out nine recommendations, all of which have been accepted by Comcare.
The recommendations included improvements to how Comcare handles its administration and Slot Bonus New Member 100 complaints.
Commonwealth Ombudsman Iain Anderson said he was pleased Comcare had agreed to implement all the recommendations.
"I am confident the recommendations will assist Comcare in providing assurances to claimants, the parliament and the public about its use of medical examinations," he said.
Comcare expects to implement all the measures by the end of 2024.
Acting chief executive Aaron Hughes said Comcare recognised multiple improvements could be made to its systems.
"The ombudsman's investigation reviewed our procedural frameworks and did not extend to our decision-making in practice," he said.
"Comcare's experienced claims staff and specialist allied health professionals ensure our exercise of the medical examination power is carefully considered."



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