Slimming capsules - the Dangers and The Alternatives

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People lose weight for reasons which are numerous. Some are heavy and in case they don't lose the weight they are going to end up with most serious health problems such as for example heart disorders, certain cancer and diabetes. Others want to lose some weight only to look better, increase their self-esteem, increase their levels of energy or to enjoy the things in life that they can't if overweight. No matter what the causes for losing weight are, many turn to slimming capsules as the solution.
Diet pills are the fast fix which allow men to lose lots of weight without the problems of exercise and alpilean reviews guarantee (redirect to diet. The issues with these pills is they include some really serious side effects and can sometimes be fatal. These types of pills are usually not regulated. They don't need to be tested by the FDA in order to be distributed to other places and drug stores. If certain pills do prove to be dangerous, they will be pulled by the FDA, nonetheless, it might be way too late at this stage for all those that are right now taking them.
Some diet pills that have shown coming with dangerous side effects include Dexatrim as well as Acutrim. These pills contributed to high increases in blood pressure. Others like Phen-Cal and Phen Fen have contributed to seizures, stroke, heart attack and in some cases, death. Ephedra is an additional ingredient present in some products contributed to death and has since been banned.

Many other side effects that come with these sorts of pills include:

* racing heart beat or heart palpitations
* dizziness
* nausea
* depression
* impotence
* shaking
* anxiety
Diet pills can also bring about addiction if used for extended periods of time. Even when physical dependency isn't a side effect, emotional dependency can sometimes be a problem because of the pills not showing results which are significant. This tends to cause depression and you continue to take the pills thinking that fat burning cannot be accomplished without them.
There are alternatives available that can be used for weight loss other than these harmful pills. Herbal supplements are but one choice. Green tea is one which has been known to help one drop some weight naturally. The acai berry is yet another herbal remedy that is useful. You could go on an easy low fat diet joined with exercise.
Whichever alternative you choose to use, they do not come with the really serious side effects as complete weight loss supplements and weight loss is achieved just the same. Talk with your doctor on which is a good solution for your weight loss goals.


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